As the families in our Valdosta community prepare to go back to school don’t forget the power of a restful night’s sleep! Whether it’s virtual learning or in-person classes the power of sleep is too important to ignore. In fact, online learning can be even more taxing on brainpower due to the amount of information being processed including text, video, audio, and more.

Sleep = Recovery

Your local Valdosta mattress store can help your family sleep better. Most of us are spending more time online due to Covid-19 restrictions and closures. Your brain needs downtime to recover from the stimulus of any online experience. Whether it’s online learning, online shopping or Zoom meetings, when all the online time adds up it can take a toll. When you are getting restful sleep, your brain is recovering as well as preparing for the next day.

Mattress Sale

We always have a sale at your Valdosta mattress store. From brands like DreamFit to Essentia, you should shop our store before you go anywhere else. We custom design the Bed’r Mattress brand and have tons of options to suit any budget. You will save money on your new mattress when you shop at our mattress store!

Shop Local

When you shop local at our family-owned mattress store you’re adding to the vitality of the Valdosta community. We give back to our community whenever possible and sincerely appreciate your business!