Often times we wait for things to break down before we replace them however, with your mattress you really do not want to do that. A mattress should ideally be considered for replacement every 5-10 years. Of course, with today’s technology often you can extend this window. However, if you’re still sleeping on something more than 10 years old, chances are it’s time to replace it.  

There are risks to your health when you sleep on an old mattress such as:

Dust Mites

Over time your mattress will accumulate body oils and dead skin that dust mites unfortunately love. Did you know that most used household mattresses average about 10 million dust mites. Yuck! They can trigger allergic reactions in many people that make sleeping well difficult. 

Back Pain

If you toss and turn or wake up with an aching back take a close look at your mattress. Typically, an aging mattress will start to sag in the middle creating an almost bowl-like effect. 

Motion Transfer

As the mattress weakens or sags you may notice additional motion transfer. Meaning that during the night your movements disturb your sleep or your partners. This is especially true for the older innerspring mattresses. If there is a large discrepancy between the size of yourself and your partner you may find yourself almost being tossed out of the bed when they roll over! 


A bad sleep position can induce snoring and snoring isn’t good sleep for anyone! Having relaxed and open airways is of course better for your health. 

Heart Health

Shocking as it is one study found that poor sleep or lack of can affect your heart health and not in a good way! Your blood pressure and heart rate are supposed to decrease at night, without proper rest this process may be hindered leading to additional risk factors for heart issues. 

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