Cold and flu season is around the corner and as they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. At our Valdosta mattress store, you can find natural and organic mattresses that can support a healthy immune system throughout the winter months. 

What Role Does Sleep Play?

Sleep is a powerful tool in supporting overall wellness and immunity. In fact, one study found in the Journal of Experimental Medicine indicates that sleep has a positive impact on the correct functioning of T cells as part of the body’s immune response.”

Start Eliminating Toxins Now

Even if you aren’t sleeping organic now there are many reasons to start and small steps to take to lessen chemical exposure. This is very important to take seriously. If you lessen toxin and chemical exposure now you could be preventing health complications down the road. 

Isn’t Organic Expensive?

Sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! Consider natural and organic products as an investment in your future. You could potentially avoid costly medical bills by making healthier choices now for your family. At Bed’r Mattress Valdosta we offer free financing, organic mattresses do not have to be expensive! You can start sleeping on an organic mattress for as little as $60 per month.

Should I Shop Around?

There’s no reason to shop anywhere else for your new mattress. Bed’r Mattress Valdosta has the top brands that everyone else does plus exclusive brands that NO ONE else does. Save time, save money and enjoy the experience when you shop at our locally owned mattress store. 

Risk Free

We now offer a 120 night guarantee! If you don’t love your new mattress, you can swap it out with one that suits you better. 

Visit us Monday – Saturday at 1604 Norman Drive. Plus, now you can shop 24/7 online at Bed’r!