The sleep experts at our mattress store in Valdosta have some tips to keep you comfortable in the hot weather!  Waking up too hot on your mattress can be very disruptive to getting quality REM sleep. We know how hot it gets in Valdosta, let us offer these suggestions to help you stay cool:

Get The Air Circulating!

A ceiling or standing oscillating fan can make THE difference between a stuffy bedroom and a
pleasant one. Not only does it cool and circulate the air, a medium to high speed fan puts out a
soothing white noise. Block out disruptive noises while sleeping cooler, it’s a win win!

Switch Out Your Sheets

Easy care sheets often contain polyester that is great for preventing wrinkles but not great for
keeping you cool. 100% cotton sheets, being made of natural fibers will be better at keeping you
from waking up in a sweat. Even better, there are other technologies now that can keep you even
cooler! Our Valdosta mattress store has plenty of brands that offer cooling properties in accessories
including DreamFit, Essentia & Bed’r Mattress!

Try A Stay Cool Mattress

In today’s world, technology has given us many options for getting a customized sleep experience!
At Bed’r Mattress Valdosta we have mattresses equipped with the latest stay cool technology! With
temperature drops of up to 5 degrees you won’t believe how cool these mattresses can be. Stop by
today to try one out.

We love helping people sleep bed’r! Email us at!