Your dream of a great night’s sleep just became a reality. If you or your children have allergies or asthma you know all about the itchy eyes, dry cough and and stuffy nose that is a major problem at night. Essentia® -The World’s Only Memory Foam Mattress offers your family an affordable, organic mattress in Valdosta from Bed’r Mattress. Read on to learn what makes their organic mattresses different from anything else on the market:

Natural Memory Foam

If you have a traditional memory foam mattress it might aggravate those allergies without you even realizing it. Even a “natural” memory foam can be made with chemicals not found in Essentia mattresses, let alone the glues, dyes and fiber batting that go into many mattresses. Essentia’s Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap), you’ll sleep in a clean air environment supported by the comfort of stay cool memory foam.

Certified Organic

Labeling of “organic” or “natural” products can be tricky. Even certified organic products may still contain allergy aggravating substances. Essentia’s mattresses and pillows are not only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified organic but also allergy friendly, eliminating the threat of dust mite breeding grounds typically found in wool or cotton fibers.

20 Year Warranty

A warranty is something you never really want to have to use but need to have. Essentia raises the industry standard not only with their products but also their warranties. They offer a long 20 year warranty on all their mattresses. Their diligence in sourcing, designing and manufacturing of their products makes this an easy promise to you. In fact, Essentia simulated 10 years of use on their mattresses which resulted in a height loss of less than 1/4 inch. Sleeping should be an escape from allergy and asthma triggers, a place to recover and prepare for the next day. Essentia organic mattresses can give that gift to your family, try them at Bed’r Mattress in Valdosta, Georgia today.