The effects of sleep deprivation are a real threat to your health and wellbeing. Some you may notice right away, like being drowsy while driving. But some effects you might not correlate at first to poor sleep quality, like new food cravings or increased hunger. If you are chronically not getting restorative sleep your waistline may suffer in addition to a host of other problems you may experience. Here are some steps to take to improving your sleep environment tonight!

What can I do tonight to sleep better?

Lower the thermostat.

Studies have shown that sleeping in a cooler environment is conducive to deeper, more restorative sleep. Add an extra layer of clothing or an additional blanket to stay warm.

Buy a new pillow.

Your Valdosta mattress store can fit you with a proper pillow that enhances your sleep. Sleeping position, allergies and body type are all important components to selecting a pillow that suits you best.

Turn off technology.

Power down all devices for at least 30 minutes before bed. Experts say 2 hours is optimal as interacting with any electronic device can be over stimulating.

Next, ask yourself these questions:

How old is your mattress?

If its more than 10 years old, it is most likely in dire need of replacement. Dust mites, bacteria and allergens can accumulate over the years.

What specifically is disturbing your sleep?

Temperature fluctuations, joint pain, or a sagging mattress are all common problems that your Valdosta mattress store can easily help you solve.

What changes will the next 10 years of your life bring?

Are you newlyweds? Entering your 40s? Close to retiring? The stage of life you are in and are entering are all things to consider when making adjustments to your sleeping environment.

You don’t have to figure all this out on your own!

Your Valdosta mattress store has trained professionals that can help you make the proper adjustments to your sleeping environment that will benefit your health and wellness. With a huge selection of mattresses, sheets, pillows and even bedroom furniture, you won’t have to shop anywhere else to find just what you need for healthier, happier sleep.