There was a time when the only information you needed to know when walking into a mattress store in Valdosta was the size of mattress you wanted and how firm you wanted it to be. Today, thanks to significant advances in mattress material and construction technology, this is no longer the case. At least, not unless you are shopping in one of those warehouse furniture stores in Valdosta. When you come into the Bed’r Mattress store in Valdosta, you will be paired with one of our Sleep Experts.

We Help Ease the Confusion

At your local Bed’r Mattress store in Valdosta, we know just how confusing shopping for a new mattress can be. This is where our highly trained Sleep Experts come in. Are you a “hot sleeper?” We can help you find the perfect innerspring or gel mattress to keep you cooler at night from brands like Scott Living or Stearns & Foster.

Not sure what the differences are between latex, memory foam, or gel? Our Sleep Experts can tell you that memory foam will “suck” you in and help keep you in place while sleep, but at the same time it tends to “sleep hot.” On the other hand, the latest in gel technology has created a mattress that absorbs the extra heat coming from your body and helps you sleep cooler at night. They can also tell you that the latest in cellular latex technology has created a mattress with holes or pockets designed to allow for more cooling airflow.

It’s All About Support

One of the more significant questions to consider in your search for the right mattress is how much support you need. You can’t just go with guessing the level of firmness you think you need. Today’s mattresses are far more finely tuned than this. Your Sleep Expert will work with you to determine the areas in which you need the most support along with those in which you need the least.

Each type of mattress offers different types and levels of support. For instance, innerspring mattresses use different gauges of spring to provide various levels of support in specific areas of the bed. Similarly, various densities of foam can be used to create a customized mattress to match your particular sleep style and needs.

Pillow top? Eurotop? They look very comparable to each other, but what’s the difference? Every one of our sales team can tell you that they are very similar, but the Eurotop style mattress keeps the padded layer level with the top of the mattress. The pillow top adds the padded layer to the top of the mattress giving it a padded or “pillowed” look.

No matter how many questions you might have about buying a new mattress from the Bed’r Mattress store in Valdosta, your personal Sleep Experts will probably have the answer, or if they don’t, they know where to find it. We know the only way for you to get the perfect mattress is to help you make an informed decision. If the time has come to buy a new mattress, don’t shop confused; all you have to do is visit your local Bed’r Mattress furniture store in Valdosta. Come on in and let us help you get the best night’s sleep ever!