As you may have already found, there are plenty of mattress stores in Valdosta, GA for you to choose from. There are times when having a lot of choices might come in handy, say, for grocery stores, auto repair shops, even furniture stores. And of course you need more than one mattress store to choose from. Or do you? At Bed’r Mattress, we believe that out of all the mattress stores in town, once you visit us, you will like ours best. How can we say that? Let’s take a look at why we are the number one mattress store in town.

We Care About You

Unlike many of the many mattress stores in Valdosta, GA, when you come into our mattress store, you are far more than just another customer. You are the reason we exist, and because of this, our sales team will greet you at the door with a smile on their faces. But, unlike many other mattress stores, our sales team has no intention of pressuring you into buying a mattress that you don’t really want and that won’t provide you with the best possible sleeping solution.

Instead of trying to sell you the “best” mattress (meaning the one they make the most profit on) like other mattress stores in Valdosta, GA, our salesperson has been trained to ask what might seem like an endless series of questions. They don’t do it to be annoying; instead, they ask these questions to help find the perfect mattress for you.

We Listen, Too

At the same time, we listen to you, something many other mattress stores in Valdosta, GA fail to do. Many of their salespeople would be just as happy if you never said anything at all. On the other hand, as your new favorite mattress store, we want to hear what you have to say, as well. So, go ahead and put all of your questions on a piece of paper and bring them in with you.

Every member of our sales team has undergone extensive training in the fields of mattress construction, mattress design, and sleep diagnosis. Between the questions they ask you and the questions you ask them, your salesperson is able to develop a solid picture of which of the mattresses we carry in our mattress store is likely to best suit your sleep style and needs.

When the time comes for you to buy a new mattress, forget those other mattress stores in Valdosta, GA. Bed’r Mattress is the only mattress store in town you will ever need. We care about you and want you to become part of our extended family by purchasing your next mattress from our mattress store. To seal the deal, we offer our 100-night guarantee. Take your new mattress home, try it out for 100 nights, and if you find that you are not happy with it for any reason, we will happily exchange it for another one in our store to provide you the comfort and sleep you need.